Wolf alarm

Wolf alarm

Many people have different opinions about the wolf. At Robor Nature we seek the balance in this matter. We look at how we can help both man and wolf. Don’t look at what can’t be done, but help where possible. And what we can do is detect the wolf.

We have developed the Wolf alarm for this purpose. This allows us to detect whether it is a wolf or not. We use a camera system for this placed at the desired location. The camera system forwards the images to our server. The software ensures that animals other than the wolf are filtered out. If there is a wolf in the image, this photo will be forwarded to the owner or responsible person of the trigger point, who will receive a repeating notification on the phone. 

Thanks to the Wolf alarm, it becomes clear where the wolves are. The end result is that there is room for the wolf and livestock. Various stakeholders will have to work together to come to a practical solution. Detecting the wolf, using the Wolf alarm, is a first step in the right direction.


The hardware of the Wolf alarm is a (4G) camera system.


The software that comes with the Wolf alarm is an app that connects to the camera system. The photos taken by the camera system are analyzed using AI. When there is a wolf in the photo, the user will immediately receive a notification on his mobile phone and the photo will be sent along. Other detected animals are ignored and not reported.