The Faunadrone

Fawns and meadow bird nests are sheltered in the high grass. When the farmer wants to mow his tall grass, a problem arises. Many people think that such animals flee into the forest at the sound of the tractors. Nothing could be further from the truth, this with all the associated consequences. A loss to nature and a trauma for the farmer and contractor.

The Faunadrone is very efficient because the drone simply tells the app where the nests or fawns can be found. This means that the drone is only used for a short time and can quickly move on to the next farmer who is about to mow. The farmer can then set out independently to check the spots and look for the nests or fawns. He doesn’t have to wait for the ranger. All he needs is the app that makes the connection with the drone.


The Faunadrone can be operated by 1 person. It is compact so that everything fits in one suitcase. All batteries can be charged in the case. The drone is handy, lightweight, complete and ready to use. Everything runs on the drone battery, so even the remote and an ultrabright second screen do not need to be charged separately. Six batteries are included as standard with a total flight time of up to 4 hours. As well as a high quality tripod for easy operation of the software, drone and cameras in the field.

What's in a package?

  • Drone DJI Mavic3 Thermal.
  • With stabilized optical zoom camera and high-res thermal camera in one.
  • Ultrabright second screen, allows optimal control of software and camera.
  • One for all power adapter (battery power for remote and screen)
  • High quality tripod.
  • Case with integrated charging system.
  • 32Gb U3 SD card.


The Faunadrone comes with software “Fauna Detect” specially developed for this application. This software makes searching for meadow bird nests and/or fawns very efficient and simple. The software creates a flight plan within seconds. Nest or fawn positions are stored in the Fauna Detect app.

A second app called “Spot Finder” is available with an overview of hotspot locations with photos for the contractor or farmer who is mowing the grass. It is also possible to link with other apps such as the Farmland Bird Monitor, Google Maps or Telegram. The app also provides an overview of the number of engaged hectares and logs of the flight. The Fauna Detect software comes with 3 years of support and the right to updates of further development.