About us

Who are we?

Based on our passion to protect lives and nature in a unique way, we have specialized in innovative nature concepts over the past 10 years.

At Robor Electronics we develop electronic applications, hardware and software to help people, animals and nature. For every problem you encounter, we look at what we can do and what we can come up with. We are good at creating new and innovative solutions. Innovation is not only about new ideas, but also about making things smarter. We want to make the way of doing things more efficient.

We are specialized in drone technology and wireless communication systems. Within these specializations we deal with sensors, flying, detection, localization and software development. In terms of drones, we often work with the DJI brand, a well known, reliable and high-quality brand. We develop various products and solutions for specific applications, such as thermal cameras and software that makes the execution of operations more efficient.

What are we doing?

Robor Electronics develops innovative solutions such as the Faunadrone and the Smart cage. The Faunadrone, for example, uses a thermal imaging camera to quickly detect and locate the fawns and/or meadow bird nests.


Within Robor Nature there are different concepts:

Why choose us?

Flora and fauna are important to us. At Robor Nature we focus mostly on fauna. We have heart for animals and want to save, help and protect everything that lives. That is why we have developed strong concepts within Robor Nature.

There are various parties that benefit from our Robor Nature solutions. From the game ranger to the farmer and animal ambulances, everyone has different interests. At Robor Nature we come up with practical applications and we approach things in a more convenient and smarter way. In addition, we ensure that the solution is suitable for all parties.