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“From our passion to protect lives and nature in a unique way, we have specialized in innovative nature concepts over the past 15 years.”

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Animals and nature have a prominent place in our solutions. That’s why we created Robor Nature so that it can get all the attention and space it deserves and needs. We see that there is a need for the creation of a piece of consciousness, because many people do not know what we can do for nature and for animals and why this is actually necessary.

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Fawns are wonderfully sheltered in the tall grass. The mother (goat) occasionally comes to feed and goes back into the forest in between. The fawn then simply remains on the field, she is safe there. Until the farmer wants to mow his tall grass. Then a problem arises. Many people think that at the sound of the tractors such a fawn will flee into the forest. Nothing is less true. The fawn just crawls further into its shell because of the noise. This with all its consequences. A loss to nature and a trauma for the farmer and/or contractor.


To prevent this, Robor Electronics has developed the Faunadrone. The drone uses a thermal imaging camera to quickly detect and locate the fawns. The ‘spots’ where the fawns are located are saved and forwarded to a special app where the farmer can see the locations easily and clearly on the map of his piece of land. Now he can walk through these spots, bring the fawns safely to the woods, and then mow his field. The fawns are so frightened that they will remain in the forest to which they have been brought for the time being. They are rescued and the farmer can get to work, it’s a win-win situation.